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Non-Surgical Lipo

Non-surgical lipo is an alternative to surgical liposuction procedures, both of which aim to remove excess fat stores from target areas of the body. Non-surgical lipo methods are often best for contouring areas of the body that require the removal of only small amounts of fat. Non-surgical liposuction methods often involve no pain, no recovery time, and no side effects. Non-invasive, non-surgical lipo techniques melt or liquefy the fat in the body by using lasers, injections or even ultrasound.

A variety of laser treatments have become available, mostly differing in terms of the wavelength of light used to achieve the desired effect. Non-surgical lipo injections of “fat-dissolving” substances are also used to achieve results. Non-surgical ultrasound liposuction, in contrast has become popular as one of the safest non-invasive methods of fat removal, using sound vibrations to dislodge tissue from target areas of the body.

Compared to Surgical Lipo

Non-surgical lipo has a number of desirable advantages including reduced recovery time in comparison with other forms of liposuction that involve more invasive techniques. Often, patients can immediate resume their normal activities following treatment. Most of the non-surgical lipo methods available do not require the use of even local anesthesia to achieve results.

One of the biggest disadvantages of non-surgical lipo is the fact that is not as well researched as other liposuction techniques and procedures. Though non-invasive techniques claim to have an effect only on fat cells and sometimes overlying collagen in the skin (which is said to be “toned and tightened” for example, by non-invasive laser techniques), more research is needed to prove that other tissues and cell types are not affected adversely by these procedures.

Though non-surgical lipo often requires no downtime, meaning that patients can immediately return to their work, these procedures are often significantly more expensive than more invasive procedures and produce much less dramatic results.

The real benefits of non-surgical lipo are realized primarily by individuals who would not necessarily consider having surgical liposuction done. Individuals who are willing to pay a higher price to avoid going under the knife are still likely to appreciate the less dramatic, though still noticeable effects of non-surgical lipo.


There are several options available to individuals who wish to have liposuction without incisions. No anesthetic, no incisions, and no cannula are required to melt away fat in target areas of the body using non-invasive techniques. Non-surgical lipo causes significantly less trauma to blood vessels and nerve tissues in the body than other surgical varieties of liposuction.

Lipodissolve is a non-surgical lipo technique that involves an injection with enzymes and medicated fluids that melt away excess fat stores in specified areas of the body. These fluids are then excreted from the patient’s urine.

Mesotherapy is popular in European and South American countries as a way to sculpt the body without surgery. Small needles inject natural compounds, amino acids, and other medications into areas of unwanted fat to achieve the desired results.

Thermage is entirely non-invasive and particularly popular among patients who desire liposuction in facial areas. The Thermage laser melts away the fat deposits and then tightens collagen in the skin giving a particularly toned appearance.

The Zerona Laser was originally used only in conjunction with tumescent liposuction to emulsify fat stores. After much research, it was discovered that the Zerona laser is a valuable non-invasive, stand-alone technique that is often used to liquefy and remove fat from large target areas on the body.

Who is a good candidate?

You can discuss whether or not you are a good candidate for non-surgical lipo with your doctor at the initial consultation. A good candidate for non-surgical lipo should be an adult in good overall health, who is close to their ideal weight. Patients should have realistic expectations about the final outcome of non-surgical lipo. Both men and women can benefit from non-surgical lipo techniques, but most doctors will not accept patients under the age of 18 years.

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