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How much does a Lipo Cost?

There are a variety of different factors that can affect the overall cost of lipo procedures. For example, the technique that you decide to use can have a big impact on the total cost of the procedure. Additionally, the number of different target areas that are treated, and the amount of fat removed from the body can also affect the final cost.

If you’re shopping around for a cheap procedure, you need to make sure that you understand what you’re paying for when you sign up for surgery. First and foremost, the cost includes the fee for your surgeon’s time. This is often the biggest portion of the bill, but the cost reflects your surgeon’s education, skill, and experience with performing liposuction procedures. The anesthesiologist is another big chunk of the cost of the surgery. It is best to pay more for a good surgeon and anesthesiologist than shop around for cheaper, less skilled individuals to perform the procedure.

Also included in the cost is the facility fee where your procedure is performed. Sometimes this part of the bill is sent to patients separately. Additional medications that you require during or following surgery and other fees are included in the bill. If you want to find cheap lipo, then seek out lower facility fees rather than a surgeon who is willing to perform a procedure that he or she may not have much experience with. Local anesthesia can be cheaper than general anesthesia as well, if you have a choice between the two.

The cost of lipo procedures can vary between about $2000 and $8000 for surgery on a limited target area(s) performed on one day. If you sign up to have your surgeon remove fat on multiple target areas, then the cost will be higher, however, the anesthesiologist fee will likely stay the same, saving you money over doing the procedures separately. Additional target areas may cost between $1200 and $4000 more each.

Generally, liposuction is an elective procedure and the costs will have to be paid out of pocket rather than by an insurance company except in rare situations. Some insurance companies will cover the cost in certain situations such as when a woman has extremely large breasts that aggravate back or neck pain. The removal of fatty tumors such as lipomas by lipo may also be covered by some insurance companies.

Though cheap lipo may not be the best alternative if you want a high-quality job that is smooth and precise, many plastic surgeons offer financing to make the cost manageable for most individuals who are motivated to have the procedure. Think carefully about having a lipo procedure performed, however, if you feel that it will be difficult to make the payments following the procedure. If this is the case, it may be wiser to save up and get the procedure done at a later date.

Some lipo surgeons offer affordable financing plans, some without interest that make it easier for patients to afford the procedure. Talk with your doctor about financing options. Sometimes a doctor will give you a discount if you’re able to pay the full amount of the cost before the surgery.

Factors affecting the Cost

The cost of a liposuction procedure varies depending on a number of different factors. One of the most important factors that will affect the cost of lipo is the skill, education, and experience of your surgeon. Though you may be tempted to compromise and find a less skilled or less educated surgeon to perform your procedure, you may end up with less desirable results if price is more important than quality to you.

Anesthesiologists’ fees and surgical facility fees can also factor in heavily and impact the cost. The number of target areas that you wish to have treated as well as the state, country, or geographical region where you have your procedure performed will ultimately affect the bottom line as well.

Many patients choose tumescent procedures because this popular lipo surgery is the most cost effective and still produces the most dramatic results. Technologically sophisticated lipo techniques can cause the price tag to go up. Often, patients choose newer fat removal technologies because they offer reduced recovery, which means less down time from work.

Free as well as cheap lipo is sometimes available to military personnel and their dependents through certain military hospitals in the United States. Willing patients can sign up to have newer, less experienced surgeons practice their skills at these facilities.

In addition to the basic costs of lipo, be prepared to receive a bill for a few miscellaneous costs that may be associated with your procedure. In particular, pre-operative lab fees may be included in the final bill as well as other related expenses such as prescription meds and compression garments that you’ll need to wear during the recovery phase.

Liposuction is an elective procedure, and as such, insurance rarely covers the cost. However, many surgeons offer access to lending agents who can provide specialized loans that can be paid back slowly over time. Consult with your surgeon about the cost, payment options and how to make it affordable for you.

Target Area


Lower Range and Fees for Liposuction Surgery (USD)

Upper Range and Fees for Liposuction Surgery (USD)

Abdomen (Total)




Abdomen (Lower)




Arms (Upper)








Breast Area (Female)




Breast Area (Male)




Chin, Jowls, Neck




Flanks/Love Handles




Anterior Thighs & Knees




Interior Thighs & Knees








These fees are approximations for US surgical procedures. They do not include the cost and fees for an anesthesiologist.

Cheap Lipo

If you’re committed to have a liposuction procedure performed, but you’re not willing to go above a certain price to get it done, then you will either need to shop around or make a few compromises. Cheap lipo is a possibility, but some of the compromises that you may need to make to get the price down to an affordable range for you may not provide you with positive results. There are risks associated with choosing a cheap surgery over a more expensive one. Specifically, you may not end up with the appearance that you desire.

Patients regularly choose cheaper surgeons who charge lower fees than more expensive ones that are more experienced and more skilled. You may be optimistic about the odds of getting the look that you’re after by going with an inexperienced or unskilled lipo surgeon, but if the final outcome is not acceptable to you, it’s likely you’ll spend far more trying to get the results fixed than if you had just gone with the more experienced and skilled surgeon in the first place.

If you need cheap lipo, then you’ll definitely fare better compromising on aspects like the technique used rather than compromising on the surgeon performing the procedure. Consider finding a different geographical area where you can have your liposuction procedure performed, but still seek out a surgeon with a high level of education, skill, and experience.

Risks of going with a cheap lipo procedure include lumpy results, sagging skin, and other undesirable aesthetic issues. Infection and lack of appropriate patient aftercare can also make cheap lipo options less desirable and even somewhat risky. Expect to make a few compromises to find what you want while shopping for lipo surgery. The cost of lipo should not be the only factor that you consider when choosing a surgeon to perform your procedure.

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